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Increasing Access to Justice By Reducing the Costs of Justice

The Supreme Court of Arizona Task Force on Delivery of Legal Services issued a report in 2019 which highlights the growing problem of regular people being able to afford their constitutional rights to access to the court system.  See the report beginning on p. 8 at this link:

I will work with Court Administration, legislators, and the Supreme Court to find ways to reduce the costs of justice to people.  I believe that technology can be used to reduce the costs of transcripts and other costs associated with litigation.  I also believe that we can reduce the high cost of experts needed for various cases by amending the rules of procedure to allow video depositions to be used at trial in lieu of live testimony.

I would also work with the Court Administration to improve the public's access to legal forms for common legal issues where most people cannot afford lawyers. I would also advocate for a full time court liaison that can assist the public in understanding the correct forms to file and in completing those forms and/or to improve the services offered by legal aid.  

Having represented people most of my career, I have identified many other financial obstacles to justice and I will work to remove such obstacles if elected.  


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