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Politics Has No Place In the Court Room

What if justice was dependent upon the personal whims or politics of the trial judge? 

As you can imagine, there would be no predictability in rulings, and not much chance that people would be treated fairly.  

A neutral, non-biased Judge is critical to achieving justice in any case.

This is why our founding fathers made the Judiciary branch of government separate from the Executive and Legislative branches--so it could function independently.  

A Superior Court Judge should never allow personal politics to interfere with his or her rulings and should always apply the law as articulated by the higher Courts.    

In addition, there are various ethics rules that apply to Judicial Candidates that prohibit them from expressing their personal views on political issues.  

With these principles in mind, I frequently get asked about my stance on various heated political topics such as abortion, gun control and immigration.  As a State Superior Court Judge, I will have no power to pass laws nor will I be voting on any legislative bills.  My only role will be to enforce the laws as written by the Arizona State Legislature, Arizona Constitution and the United States Constitution as articulated by the higher Courts.  Thus, my personal opinions on these matters are irrelevant.  

I pledge to enforce the laws as written by the Legislature and as articulated by the higher Courts. As a practical matter, I hate being wrong and will always strive to get my rulings correct under the law to avoid reversal by an Appellate Court.  But more importantly, I truly care about making correct rulings. However, rest assured that if I do not get it right, the Appellate Court will reverse me.  

Both of my opponents have deliberately violated the Judicial Cannons of Ethics by publicly expressing their political leanings and/or support for legislation in their campaign materials, videos and/or public speeches.  I am the only candidate who has demonstrated a commitment to remain neutral and non-political.  You deserve to have your case judged on the merits and the law, rather than on your political affiliation.  

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